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If you play online games, use an online photo editor or rely on web-based services like Google Maps, Twitter, Amazon, YouTube or Facebook, then you're an active resident in the wonderful world of web apps.

Websites/webshops & web-apps. This is what we are good at.

At Dexter, not only can you count on high-tech solutions, but most of all you can count on clear design. It's what our customers love. It's what we love.

Dexter's Philosophy

It's all about understanding what you want and what you need. We rely on quick results and seamless collaboration between our customers and us. This is what makes Dexter, and we will never stray from that goal. We offer all around solutions in web development, and, as designers, we are able to incorporate all of your current logos, style, and print materials.

Behind the Scenes with Dexter

Are we heading in the right direction with your website needs? During the design- and development of your website, we offer you the opportunity to log in online and look at us work. This so you can see what we're creating for you, and give you the opportunity to provide direct online feedback on your own website. No more unexpected surprises, but rather a clear end result that is tailor made for you.

Be mobile

Online, always and everywhere. Is your website mobile compatible? Dexter develops lightweight websites compatible with any smart phone or tablet. Super easy, and super fast.


Using a Content Management System (CMS) will give you complete control over the content of your website. Within our proprietary web framework, you are able to place your own texts, pictures, and other media directly onto the site. No more complications with website maintenance contracts while enjoying an always up-to-date website.

Who's Dexter?

Dexter was created by Lennard Kruseman. At the young age of 15, this child prodigy started building websites. After his education at the Sound and Vision Media Academy, and after attending several extra courses in web design, Lennard started his own company. This was an instant success, and Dexter has been winning awards for web design since. Here, have a look at our work.

- And yes -

We do hosting and smartphone apps!